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Shutterworth BIO PIC

A talented, but unlucky emcee that discovers a whole new world of danger and spiritual awakening during a botched suicide attempt.

Role in the Soul Wars.
The main character and protagonist of the Soul Wars story

Special Powers

-Supreme confidence in his own swag.
-Infinite lyrical ability
-Supreme ear for dope production
-Immense boxing knowledge and skill.

Awakened Special Powers
-Super strength and punching power
-Extreme heightened reflexes and speed.
-Ability to jump extended long distances.
-Can generate a light blue aura that allows for a variety of powered up fighting techniques.
-Increased durability



A spiritual being with immense power created by God to serve as messengers and enforcers.

Role in the Soul Wars
A willing participant in the Soul Wars with a heavenly agenda.

Special Powers

  • Can fly
  • Can teleport and open portals up to other dimensions (Earth, Heaven, Limbo)
  • Master of Holy Weapons, which can destroy demonic armor
  • Able to protect himself from most types of attacks with an energy force shield
  • Can shoot immense blasts of energy
  • Able to transcend human form and appear as various types of energy


2nd Class Demon BIO PIC

He’s a member of the 2nd most powerful group of demons in Satan’s kingdom. Unlike the naked 3rd class demons, they wear demonic armor that can only be destroyed by Holy weapons or anything that is blessed by a divine spiritual being. Besides protection, this armor also amplifies their demonic powers and makes them stronger.

Role in the Soul Wars.
The villain and main antagonist of the Soul Wars issue 1.

Special Powers

  • can fly
  • can teleport back in forth from Hell and Earth
  • Can shoot powerful blasts of energy from eyes or fists
  • Super strength and speed
  • Can shape shift and change appearance


Rock Fist BIO PIC

A super powered human that lives in the same world as The Tree of Wisdom.  He’s also known as the welcome committee since he resides in the valley of cliffs that form near the beginning of the path to the Tree of Wisdom.

Role in The Soul Wars

The main antagonist and villain of The Soul Wars issue 2

Special Powers

  • super strength and durability
  • the ability to a make his body turn into hard granite rock
  • ability to manipulate the surrounding ground and or rocks
  • can create earthquakes, aftershocks, and a wide variety of destructive ground based attacks
  • invulnerable when touching the ground or any rock surface.



The 2nd super powered human that Shutterworth encounters in the Realm of the Tree.  Her elemental power is water and she has control over it just like Rock Fist has control over dirt and rocks.  She pretends to be helpless in order to make unsuspecting wanderers drop their guard.

Role in The Soul Wars

The main antagonist and villain for The Soul Wars issue 3.

Special Powers

  • expert at hand to hand combat
  • ability to manipulate and control nearby sources of water to create diverse attacks
  • can become a part of a nearby water source in order to attack



The powerful dark angel that rules over the Realm of the Tree.

Role in The Soul Wars

The main antagonist and boss villain for the Tree of Wisdom story arc in The Soul Wars comic.  His presence is first made in issue 2, but he isn’t introduced until issue 3.

Special Powers

  • A supreme mixture of divine and dark spiritual powers
  • Can teleport anywhere within the Realm of The Tree
  • Cannot be touched or hurt while in spirit form, but can inflict damage to others.

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