The Soul Wars is an epic mash up of boxing, hip-hop, and spiritualized fantasy unraveled in a unique format of music and comics. The story centers around Shutterworth, a deeply depressed and promising emcee that is down on his luck. In an attempt to commit suicide, he inadvertently opens communication between Angels and Demons, which leads him to discover his own true inner powers. After this realization he’s soon thrown into the middle of an ongoing war between God and Satan. Refusing to join either side in the spiritual feud, Shutterworth decides to put an end to the war and the constant battles between good and evil. But, before he can accomplish such a tremendous feat, he must first locate the Tree of Wisdom and soak up enough game in order to reach his full potential and fulfill his destiny.

The Soul Wars is a raw, humorous, no holds barred approach to comic books. The initial concept came from my need to separate myself from other musicians. As an emcee, I thought it would be cool if the musical side of my persona could be drawn and given a life of it’s own. I grew up reading comic books while listening to music so the next logical step was to record a soundtrack for The Soul Wars. I teamed up with two of my favorite underground producers (Black Droog and Clanarchy) and created a dark cinematic backdrop full of dope samples ranging from anime, horror movies, and old school soul.

You could probably view this new comic series that I created as a warped animated version of my life. I just hope you all enjoy reading and listening to it as much as I did creating it. Thank You.


Jason “Shutterworth” Bell

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