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  • The Making of the Sample Kings 2

    If you haven’t heard the Sample Kings 2 album, click on the link below.  In addition, we’ll take you behind the scenes with the making of each song.

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    1. Greatest Intro Ever Remix –  This a remix from the intro from my 2nd mixtape (The Best of Shutterworth Da G.O.D vol. 2) which Clanarchy produced a couple of songs on.  It was our 2nd collaboration and one of our best songs together.  The instrumental was at the end of one of his beat tapes that he dropped in 2016 I believe.  Once I heard it, I knew what it would be used for.  I rarely record intros in the early stages of making an album, but this was a rare case.  Shit was perfect for it.  It’s probably the 3rd or 4th song recorded for this project.  Around that time, we recorded a few other joints, but only one of them would go on to make the album besides the intro.  This song is in my top 5 on the album.  It’s special to me, because it’s a celebration of all our prior collaborations up to this point and I sound happy on this shit which is rare since I usually record pissed off or sad.

     Clanarchy’s Thoughts

    This beat was originally made for a sample flip challenge in the tunnel sub I was gonna post up but never got around to it. 2nd verse is one of my favorites on the album, you can tell Shutter is in the zone for this one and feeling the beat. The passion really comes through on this track. Top 5 on the album for me.

    1.  On My Own – This song was done after the intro and I had mixed feelings about it.  I was going through some shit (can’t remember what since this was a few years ago) so the vibe is reflected in the bars, but lyrically the track didn’t impress me like that.  Another thing is I just killed the Intro, so this almost felt like a step down to me although the production and flow are dope as hell.  Clanarchy loves this track and says it’s one of our best.  We used to have debates about it for months.  The song eventually grew on me and I now understand why he said it was so powerful back then.  It describes our sound perfectly.  I just couldn’t see it at the time.  Later, I remember telling him it’d be perfect for my funeral since it sums up the musical side of my life and the struggles I’ve had to endure.  The song is a little sad sounding, but the sample just uplifts it enough to keep it positive.

    Clanarchy’s Thoughts

    This joint is dope as fuck to me. I could never get why Shutter was not feeling this on the same level. The beat and lyrics go together perfectly. I remember taking this and a bunch of other tracks from the Tiger Claw album I had just finished to the studio and everybody in that place was feeling this track. Heartfelt lyrics, quality soul sample. That’s hip hop. Dope Shit. Top 5.


    1. No Love Lost – This song was recorded in the 2nd stage of putting this album together.  We just finished Magic which was a turning point for the project.  We were just making dope songs before then, but only some were really showing our full strength.   We decided to keep the momentum Magic started and make every song be on that level moving forward.  It worked because No Love Lost is one of my favorite songs on the album an in my top 5. Perfect blend of dope production, dope verses, dope chorus, and dope outro.  The subject is real shit too since we can all relate to leaving the unworthy behind while progressing in life.

    Clanarchy’s Thoughts

    This beat first appeared on Soular Flares Vol.4 and I always liked this one but sometimes you get that feeling when you making a beat like ‘yeah this only alright’ but it takes someone to come through and bring that shit to life with a couple of dope verses. I went back and tweaked the mix and Shutterworth came through and nailed the verses. Also makes my top 5.


    1. Such a Thrill – This song was just me spazzing out over a dope ass Clanarchy beat.  This was a part of a batch of 4 beats he sent.  This one and the beat that eventually became Remember stood out to me the most.  This song was recorded after No Love Lost and kept the momentum going.  That’s 3 real dope songs done in a row. We started feeling ourselves around this time.  This is one of my favorites, but it just misses my top 5.

    Clanarchy’s Thoughts

    I had tackled this sample a couple of times before but never sent the beats out. I thought I’d go back and have a 3rd attempt which combines elements from both previous versions together. Came out nice and thought it was finally worth sending out, plus me and Shutter make a lot of darker themed tracks and this the antidote to that.


    1. Out of this World – This song was done in the later stages of working on the album.  The beat isn’t typical Clanarchy, but it’s super fucking dope.  It’s soulful, but dark at the same time.  Then the upbeat tempo and vibe just takes it over the top.  The song is one of my favorites and is in my top 5 from the album.  The flows and bars really suit the theme of the song.  I really love the 2nd verse on this song.

    Clanarchy’s Thoughts

    I had this beat forever but didn’t really think anyone would fuck with it, so I hid it in the middle of the ‘Artistic Aggression’ Mixtape lol. I was wrong about it though, I had some positive feedback on it and even remember Tekbeatz using it on one of his mixes (thanks Tek!). Shutter came through and bodied this one, turning one of my least favorite beats in to one of my favorite tracks!


    1. Sadness – This was the next to last song recorded for the album.  I recorded it with the intent as the final song though.  It was originally a beat from a batch of throwaways that Clanarchy sent a few months ago.  I make it a habit to have him send some of his throwaways every now and then because there’s always some gems in them.  We’re alike in the sense that we critique ourselves strongly.  This is a perfect example because he was just sitting on it without thinking about doing anything with it. It didn’t grab him the way it grabbed me, but once my part was recorded the instrumental reached its full potential. The beat is simple, but the soulful despair the mood creates is next level.  I made the chorus right away, but it took a couple of weeks to make the verses for it.  They had to be perfect.  The album was already dope as hell at this point, but it lacked that gut wrenching emotional depressingly powerful song that was Cry on the 1st Sample Kings album.  This is another favorite and makes my top 5 on the album.  This is another funeral type of song where I feel like it sums up my life and perspective perfectly.

    Clanarchy’s Thoughts

    I started working on this some time ago, I had the drums and bass down exactly as heard at 02:38 to 02:49 and just left it for weeks. I came back and added the choir sounds and then the main sample. It captured my mood at the time and I intended to leave it as something I would just listen to in the car and keep to myself. I got 1300 plus beats so I got plenty like that but like Shutter said the album was missing that joint like ‘Cry’ from vol.1 and I knew this beat would bring something out lyrically because of the tone of the track. This is in my top 5 for this album.


    1. Another Year – This was another song that was recorded in the later stages of making the album.  It came from the same batch of throwaway beats as Sadness.  That batch had about 5 or 6 beats and we ended up making something out of 2 of them.  The song isn’t as depressing as Sadness, but it’s still dark and adds to the cohesiveness of the album especially when grouped together.  It adds depth to the darker more emotional side of the project.

    Clanarchy’s Thoughts

    I was holding this one for ‘Artistic Aggresion vol.2’ but thought fuck it, I work so slow it would sit around for months. Vol 1 was Aug 2016 and I’ve still not put out vol.2 lol.

    ‘Another year, we aint blown, and we still unknown, but a nikka still dope, so I guess there’s hope’ – Sums up this shit 1300 beats later, many dope projects ,Instrumentals and Featured and we still where we started at but importantly still hopeful for the future…

    1. Despite the Odds – This was the very first song recorded for Sample Kings 2 and has been on my soundcloud for more than 2 years.  The beat is amazingly soulful.  This song is another transitional part of the album because it signifies the departure from the darker more emotional beginning (Own My Own, Sadness, Another Year) The song is still emotional, but more uplifting than the previous ones.  I wanted to tell a story with the sequencing.  You have sadness and then you expect another year of it, but despite the odds you must display your magic and that’s what leads us to the next song on the album.

    Clanarchy’s Thoughts

    ‘I take this life one day at a time, despite the odds I still grind, everyday a new mountain to climb.” This track has been around, but I felt this had to be included on this album, it fits the sound and cohesion of the album. That’s one element I think we did well this time around. It feels like an album, not a bunch of tracks thrown in.

    1. Magic – This was a major turning point during the process of making this album.  Like I mentioned earlier, we were making dope songs, but we weren’t going beast mode 100%.  We were only showing flashes of brilliance.  Clanarchy randomly sent this and I fell in love with it immediately.  The beat is sick as hell.  It’s soulful with a little dark vibe to it.  It was perfect for spazzing out on.  Every song after this pretty much made the cut for the album.  It’s one of my favorites, but just misses the top 5.  I had fun making this one.  It’s like Such a Thrill, but with more punchlines and wordplay.

    Clanarchy’s Thoughts

    I originally had this down to be like an intro to an album type beat but fucked around and fleshed it out a little to make it what it is now. I thought fuck it lets send this one out and get some feedback. I know Shutter don’t fuck around and isn’t a yes man (he done rejected plenty of my beats), he gave this one the go ahead and went in.


    1. All Talk – This song was weird in a way and recorded in 2 separate parts during the process of making this album.  It was from one of Clanarchy’s beat tapes.  He sent me an unfinished version before he released the tape.  I always loved the sound and wrote and recorded the 1st verse immediately.  This part happened during the earlier stages of making Sample Kings 2.  He was supposed to send a finished version where it had a fully fleshed out 2nd verse, but he never did.  During that time, we were making a bunch of songs and All Talk kind of got lost in the mix although it was dope as hell.  We haven’t even made Magic yet.  During the later stages of making the album where we were rounding up tracks to finalize, I asked him about this song.  He sent the finished beat a few months ago and I picked up where I left off and finally added the 2nd verse to it.  This part was one of the final sessions from the album.  Only a few more tracks were recorded after this song.  I love this song because I feel like I’m addressing niggas directly on this one.  It’s another favorite of mine and completes my top 5 songs from the album.  Great production and verses especially the 2nd one where the real shit dropped is high quality.

    Clanarchy’s Thoughts

    It was real dope that I found that sample ‘They talk so very loud, in front of all the crowd’ as I was going through some shit when you think people got your back, but they turn out to be snakes. Some all talk and deliver nothing type shit. Shutter caught the vibe and like telepathically put it down ‘for every real nikka, there’s a gang of pretenders’


    1.  The Return – This is another late addition.  It was recorded before Sadness.  This beat came from another Clanarchy beat tape, but it’s a recent one.  I believe Soular Flares 4, but I could be wrong.  The track is real laidback and soulful.  I didn’t know how to approach it at first.  It couldn’t be too lyrical or emotional, so I went the storytelling route and it worked out well.

    Clanarchy’s Thoughts

    This was from the underrated ‘ Artistic Aggression’ mixtape. I didn’t really have anything in mind for this beat, I just love a vocal sample and was fuckin around with this one. It’s like if I try and make a specific type beat, I fuck it up. I’m at my best when I’m just freestyling with no plan. Shutter came through with the verses, like you dreaming everything was perfect and you wake up and everything is still fucked up. ‘Back to mumble rap and wack emcees, digital albums and mp3’s’


    1.  Only Wish – This is a real dope triumphant sounding beat.  This track was done in the early stages of making The Sample Kings 2.  It was recorded after the first verse of All Talk was done.  I really like this verse because it covers a lot of shit.  We would eventually make another song like this one.  Only difference was it was 2 verses instead of just one long one.  That song was really dope too, but we decided to drop it since we already had this one.  It was the right choice.

    Clanarchy’s Thoughts

    I had to have that vocal sample on a beat as soon as I heard it. Too dope. A lighter beat just keeping the balance for the album. Another track based around hope. It’s easy to lose the enthusiasm for this shit, so this is on that ‘ I know I’m dope, don’t give up shit’ Nice, short one verse track.


    1. Alone 2 – This was an early edition to Sample Kings 2.  It was the next song recorded after Only Wish. The original Alone was produced by DBR (DeadBass Records) who is another long-time collaborator of ours.  It was a much darker harder song with a menacing gothic trap beat.  I like the original better even though I co-produced the remix.  I sent Clanarchy a real dope Rita Coolidge record to sample.  It’s crazy because he was familiar with the song as well.  I sent him another record around that time which was better, but for some reason or another he ended up using this one out of the two.  The results were dope.  I decided to go a little conscious with the bars to round out the album.

    Clanarchy’s Thoughts

    I think I made this beat slower to start with and had to come back with the faster version with the drum break you probably recognize from Tical. The Rita Coolidge sample was dope and easy to work with. I don’t even remember Shutters other sample choice for this, sometimes he will pop up with a new song made with a beat I’d completely forgotten I made lol.


    1. North Star Flow – This was the very last song recorded for Sample Kings 2.  It was written before Sadness but recorded a week or two after it was recorded.  This song almost got lost in the shuffle because I was having trouble finding the time to record it.  There would be days where I’d only have time to record one song, so I’d focus on something that was more complex such as a song with 2 verses and a chorus.  North Star Flow was just one long verse, so I kept putting it off.  One day I knocked out a short song for a Tek Beats collaboration and still had time for another song, so I decided to knock out North Star Flow too.  This is another track I co-produced.  Fist of the North star is an anime that is in my personal top ten.  The soundtrack is classic.  For those that are not familiar with the anime, the main character from it is the most powerful person in the story.  I feel like I’m the most powerful emcee, so it works. That’s how the song got the name.  North Star Flow is another song with just one long verse of bars, but it focuses more on real shit like Only Wish rather than straight lyricism like Such a Thrill and Magic.

    Clanarchy’s Thoughts

    Yeah the last track we made for this album, I just came off the Lords Of Chaos album (dont sleep on that and look it up). I was in the zone making some hard beats in this period. Shutter gave me the Fist Of The Northstar soundtrack for this one. I was definitely feelin the sample so got straight on it, thought the beat switch was dope and left that in. Shutter just goes off on this one and the beat just rides out lovely.


    1. Remember –  This song was recorded after Such a Thrill and is another storytelling track on the album.  This beat was real dope and the sample gives you the topic, but it still took a while for me to figure out what I’d rap about.  I used to play the beat all the time as background music.  One day I happened to be going through some old private messages on the coli forum and came across one from Clanarchy that was dated years ago.  This is when it hit me.  Why not rap about how we originally linked up to collaborate.  This is a real deep origins song with a lot of reflective bars.  I give little details about certain songs we did together while offering my opinion on others.  This is a perfect song to close out the Sample Kings 2.  The intro was a celebration and the outro explain the celebration.  I wanted people to listen to the album again right after hearing Remember, but now with a new perspective an appreciation for our music.  This song is our legacy an is even better if you’ve followed our musical journey over the years.  The bars hit even harder that way.

    Clanarchy’s Thoughts

    We patting ourselves on the back with this shit…..and why not, we been putting in work. Emcee Wizardry was the first feature I ever had back in like July 2013. The song explains it but anyway…..I had just joined the coli and was checking out the tunnel gang and heard Shutters first mixtape and thought yo this guy would sound dope as fuck on this beat. We instantly clicked and have since made more joints than I can remember. Just check the track and get the history. Last in my Top 5…….

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